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Jordan attended Success Learning Center at age 8 for the reading program.

Jordan scored 100 on the TAKS Reading Test after completing the program and follow-up work at Success Learning Center.

"I can read better and I feel good about myself."

Jordan, age 8
Tyler, Texas



Jordan returned to Success Learning Center at age 9 for the math program.

"I thought the math program would be hard but I just got better and better everyday in math."

Jordan, age 9
Tyler, Texas

"My daughter's self-confidence has improved tremendously after attending Success Learning Center. The program has truly been a blessing."

Christine, Jordan's Mom
Tyler, Texas


"I can do math faster and understand it better."

Tyler, Texas

"Thank you so much for your services at Success Learning Center. The Davis Program is outstanding! We are happy to see Kendall's enthusiasm toward learning now. He is so proud and we are too!"

Trina, Kendall's Mom
Tyler, Texas


"I am able to remember what I read. I can retain information and concentrate better. I am able to fully understand my potential and everything I am capable of doing. I am able to plan for the future."

Jason, age 20
Jacksonville, Texas


"This has been a miraculous learning experience for Jason."

Holly, Jason's Mom
Jacksonville, Texas




"I can read better and I can understand what I read now. I am better at everything!."

Brookelyne, age 11
Tyler, Texas




We must believe in ourselves, and somewhere along the road of life, we must meet someone who sees greatness in us, expects it from us, and lets us know it. It is the golden key to success.

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